Fuel Your Life Friday is a weekly mini series filled with tips, tricks, and leveling-up challenges that will help your fuel your life.

 Within this week’s episode, I’m a few Life Challenges that you can embrace to help you grow and level-up!

Referenced Challenges:

Writing Challenge: https://lifeentirely.wordpress.com/2019/02/08/30-day-writing-challenge/

Lauren’s 44 Free Journal Prompts: http://laurensmithbiz.com/44-free-journal-prompts/

Self Care Challenge: https://www.forgettingfairytales.com/30-day-self-care-challenge/

Fitness Challenge: https://runninforsweets.com/morning-workout-challenge/

Feng Shui Challenge: Hosted by Patricia Lohan a few times a year https://patricialohan.com/

Money Challenge: https://www.unexpectedlydomestic.com/money-saving-challenges/




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