From Kathy’s website:

“I am a New England-based certified personal and professional coach, who has always been focused on personal development – my own and others. In addition to local clients, I work with clients nationally and internationally.

I started my coaching practice, Quintessential Coaching, to help people fulfill their goals, find their life purpose and use their amazing gifts to reach their potential. I believe that our happiness resides in how we think and what we think about – clarity – and taking strategic action with our personal and professional action plans.

Prior to coaching, I spent 25 years in the hospitality industry working for a renowned New England historic site. During that time, I served on numerous boards and committees, working with extremely talented for-profit and non-profit CEOs, civic leaders, and community members. It was in this arena that I discovered and developed client-focused development and leadership skills. This work also validated that personal and professional development are truly interconnected.

In every role and title that I have called my own, my overriding goal is to work with integrity, as I support people and the sustainability and growth of the organizations that I have the honor of representing. I believe that we are all meant to be happy, healthy, financially successful and excited about life.”



Within this episode, we discuss:

– How to find clarity in what you want in life

 -How to conquer self-doubt

-Identifying Patterns, Cycles and Blocks

-The Mindful Next Generation 



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