Heather McConochie is a nutritionist, health coach & former nurse. Heather empowers successful women to lose weight and keep it off in a healthy, sustainable, life-changing way! Driven by her own weight loss struggles and being sick and tired of not seeing the results, now Heather’s mission is to empower busy and successful women to lose weight & feel great again in a healthy, sustainable, scientific, life-changing way. She loves coaching women to improve their health, wellness, and the way they feel in their bodies!

Heather is also a host of “The Positive Thread Podcast” that shares stories to inspire millennial women to transform their bodies, minds, and souls.


Within this episode, we discuss:

-Most common symptoms of undiagnosed diabetes?
– Why regular check-up is so important when it comes to Diabetes Type 2?
– Which groups of people are at a greater risk of being diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2?
– What role does nutrition play when it comes to Diabetes Type 2?

….and MORE!



Website: https://www.heathermcconochie.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heathermcconochie/