For more than a decade, Ginny Gane has been working intimately with manifestors and empowering women around the world to transform mediocre lives into experiences of true abundance, joy and love through leveraging principles of the Law of Attraction.

Having studied intensely the power of the mind starting at age 9 and additionally through her degree in Kinesiology, years of experience as a Law of Attraction coach, and now best-selling author and founder of LOA Skills Camp, Ginny has had a unique behind-the-scenes perspective of what works in true vibrational transformation – and she’s been guiding individuals in virtually every area you can think of. From creating 6-figure businesses, realizing dreams of traveling the world, manifesting dream corporate positions, promotions, star acting roles; leaving unhealthy relationships, aligning with true love relationships, creating harmonious parent/child relationships and so many more!

One of the beliefs, core to Ginny’s heart is “we can be, do or have anything we desire”. This is why she is so passionate about the Law of Attraction and leveraging our vibrational power … because this serves as a vehicle for more empowered individuals, and therefore more love, harmony and freedom in this world.


Within this episode, we discuss:

-What is vibrational alignment?

-Leveraging the Law of Attraction

-How people get manifesting ‘wrong’

…and MORE!



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