Adeyinka Adegbenle MBA, PMI-PMP, is a former financial services professional turned Author, Excellence Strategist and Excellence Coach, and mother of 3. Her goal and life’s purpose is to equip leaders with transformational habits and systems of excellence.

After having worked in various leadership roles in the financial sector and living a “good on paper” and no – worry life, while on the financial crash in 2008, she found herself without a job, heavily pregnant with her second child and stressing out about her family’s future. She realized – she no longer wanted to work for someone else, and she wanted to dictate her future. She went on a self-discovery journey and up-leveled her life and herself, never to found herself in this situation again. Adeyinka has spent years gaining mastery on habits and systems of excellence that continue to yield outstanding results for her. She now teaches these systems and habits to her clients and various organizations.


Within this episode, we discuss:

-What is Excellence at its Core?

-How to Embrace a Life of Excellence

-Parenting & Excellence





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