I’m Jessica, a mother, teacher, healer, business owner and Divine Feminine in a Twin Flame connection, who specializes as a Twin Flame reader & guide on social media, particularly Instagram and YouTube. I have always been claircognizant my whole life, but I was lead into a spiritual awakening 10 years ago, that intensified greatly since 2018, when my twin flame journey was activated. I am clairvoyant, claircognizant, and clairsentient, with my mediumship abilities growing as well. I offer tarot & oracle card readings in love, career & twin flames; spiritual life coaching sessions on the twin flame journey, narcissism recovery and general spiritual topics as needed, such as helping you heal yourself; and reiki energy healing from a distance. I have both my Bachelor’s & Master’s in Psychology, as well as certifications in Reiki energy medicine, with more in the works, including hypnotherapy, tapping, mindfulness, holistic health & wellness, healing through dance, and more, always seeking to expand my gifts and modalities. I also have experience removing negative energy & entities and cleansing people & spaces. I have offered readings and healing since 2013, but only opened my Etsy shop in 2018. I grew up religious but having spiritual experiences that later caused me to dig deeper and discover my gifts. My own inner work with my spiritual adviser allowed me to connect my religious upbringing, my studies in world religions and my spiritual side, so that I no longer felt like I had to choose what the “right way” was. I can now see how everything relates together, and I can help guide others through this process of awakening within themselves.


Within this episode, we discuss:
-Is A Karmic Relationship ‘bad’?
-2022: A Reunion Year?
-Energy Update: Card reading for the rest of 2022



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