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I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas or Hanukkah, had an amazing and blessed time celebrating. We’re now approaching the weekend before New Years, the very last weekend of 2019. This is so crazy to me because this is an end of a decade and I swear the Millennium just started last year. 

Before we enter a new year and a new decade, I think it’s important that we cleanse our lives in ways that will help us elevate higher ongoing. We have to make space for the new, by saying goodbye to the old. So this weekend while you’re enjoying some downtime before the next go-round of celebrations, try one – or all – of these actionable tips to help you into 2020 feeling better.

So here are 5 Areas of Your Life that I think you should cleanse, before the Near Year. 

Number 1 is your space. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the stuff you just got – whether it be yours, your partners, or even your kids – cleansing your space is a great place to start. If you remember, last month we had Feng Shui expert Patria Lohan join us and she touched on just how important the physical space is for our mental space. 

Number 2 – Clean out your phone and computer! My sister once told me she had something like 14,000 pictures on her phone. I got anxiety for her. Something I do that I love that keeps my phone’s photo album fresh, is I back up all of my pictures on the cloud , but in organized folders. I personally prefer Dropbox and I’ll link it in the episode notes if you want to try it out, but what I do is I create a folder that is labeled with the year. Within that folder, t here are sub folders. Usually the sub folders are Holidays, My Kids Names, or any other notable event that happened through the year. If you click on say my daughter Kalli’s folder, you’ll then find a folder that says Kindergarten. Within that, you’ll see more folders such as “FIELD TRIP” FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL” “CURRICULUM DAY” etc. Those folders house the photos that were once on my phone. Once I upload them to Dropbox, I take them off my phone. Typically I have about 1,000 photos on my phone at any one time. If I ever need to find  photo, I don’t have to endlessly scroll to find it, my folders system is organized to help me find it with ease.

If folders and dropbox and all of that isn’t how you roll, just start simple and go through your screenshots folder. Delete any photos there you don’t need, then move onto videos, and so fourth. Also, go through and organize your phone. Delete any apps that you don’t use and make sure your phone’s software is up to date. 

On your computer, do the same thing with your files. Organize and delete anything you no longer need. Be sure to unsubscribe or cancel any programs you’re no longer actively using, too.

Speaking of Unsubscribe, this leads me to number 3 – take some time and go through your email and unsubscribe to the emails you no longer open! If you find yourself clicking “delete” more than you open, just do that company a favor and unsubscribe. I can tell you that as a business owner, I don’t get salty over an unsubscribe. Companies have to pay to have you on their email list, if you’re not actively opening their emails or purchasing from them, do them a favor and yourself a favor and get the clutter out of your email. Use a service like to do this in bulk order (super easy + fast)

We’re staying in the realm of technology with this next one – Number 4 is all about your social media, unfollow people who just aren’t adding any value to your life. Regardless if it’s emotional value, intellectual, spiritual…whatever. If you consistently see a Debbie Downer on your newsfeed, unfollow  them. If you’re following someone who’s only posting political news and political news tends to trigger you, unfollow them. About 2 years ago, I unfollowed tabloids, celebrity gossip pages, and a bunch of news channels that weren’t adding any value to my life. I noticed a huge improvement on my news feed, as I was seeing more enlightening posts and less gossip and dramatics. We have the power to choose who we follow, use that power wisely.

Number 5: Cleanse Your Energy. I’m an energy first type of person, I can feel when there’s bad energy around me, and I can also feel when my energy is off. 

Cleansing your own personal energy or the energy of your space can be done in multiple ways. One easy way is a salt bath. Salt is a very powerful mineral. Add a healthy amount of Epsom or sea salt to your bath water and soak away the negativity. If you really want to level up, I suggest having an Energy Healing session done with a Reiki Master. 

What about your physical space?

Smudging your space by burning sage or other incense of your choice is one of the most popular form of energetic cleansing. Move throughout your home, letting the smoke touch each corner and doorway. Open the doors and windows and visualize any negativity leaving the space.

Cleansing your physical space, your mental space, your digital space, your energetic space –  can help to shift the subtle energies, allowing better flow and balance to return.

Be sure to put fourth some of these tips before you ring in the New Year. 

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That’s all for today, I’ll see you next week and until then remember:  every level of life is an opportunity to grow. Be well my friend.