You have asked for more business episodes and you’ve also asked for more solo episodes, so I’m tying them in together and giving you a 2-for-1!

I’ve helped other business owners kick some butt and held them accountable to following their plan, but I’ve been Queen of Excuses when it came to mine. My biggest excuse – was that working on other people’s businesses took up all of my energy/time to work on mine. And while it was 100% true, it was still an excuse.

But, in the past year – I’ve become more committed to personal and professional growth and In one month… I increased my digital footprint by 427% in ONE MONTH and overall 1,276% in two months. These aren’t exaggerated numbers – I have proof to back it up… and I didn’t spend a lot of money doing so.. In fact, it was all organic.

In this week’s episode, I’m going to open up my vault of strategies and sliding you a few tips, tricks, and wisdom nuggets that have helped grow my business online and if implemented, might help you grow yours too.

I’m telling you about:
-How grew my Pinterest
– Pinterest Tactics
-Programs I Swear By

…and more!

If you haven’t listened yet, you might just want to go ahead and tune in. If you’re all caught up – scroll down for more notes!

In the episode, I outline two of my favorite tools. The first is Canva. Canva allows you to easily create graphics catered to an array of marketing efforts. I use Canva to create ALL of my graphics for both my podcast and for Canva is free for the most part, but they do offer a paid plan which I’m a fan of.

The second tool which has helped my Pinterest grow by leaps and bounds, is Tailwind. Now, I am sharing my Tailwind link with you. If you sign up using my link, you get a month for free and I get a month free! Win/Win!

Tailwind is a marketing application for Pinterest and Instagram, but I’ve yet to try it out for Instagram. Once I do, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Before you do ANYTHING, be sure you have a strategy in place! The key is being intentional and having a plan helps you do that. You can snag my Social Media Strategy Template to download, print, and strategize!

Until Next Week,