Happy New Year!

I had a lazy NYE and an even lazier New Year’s Day. And it felt daaaang good to rest and rejuvenate before life gets crazy and the New Year heats up!

Now that we’re fresh in 2019,  we’re all getting a little more focused in on planning and executing goals. Goals can be hard to define as well as achieve – sometimes we lose the drive and motivation, other times we make crappy goals that really don’t align with what we want.

I’m guilty of both!

That’s why I invited this week’s guest, Amanda Scoccozzo of Empower Life Coach, on to this weeks episode. Amanda is a Transformational Coach and Courage Catalyst and is here to teach us how we can stay focused, create achievable and smart goals, and guide us on how we can leap into the unknown.

Tune in & turn it up below, or on your favorite podcast app!

I’m so excited for all of the new memories and blessings 2019 is sure to bring; have you created your goals or resolutions yet? Share them with me! I’d love to be your cheerleader, encouraging you to stay focused while taking action on those goals.

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Until next time,