Have you ever had a scary situation or a near death experience that made you question your legacy? What about one that made you change courses in life?

Today, I’m meeting with Lance Loya, college basketball coach turned author, blogger, and speaker. Lance is known for his enthusiastic personality & his passion for transforming teambusters into teammates.Lance is the author of the children’s book “Be a Good Teammate” and the adult nonfiction titles “Building Good Teammates,” “Teammate Tuesdays,” and the soon to be released “The WE Gear.”

This week, he’s joining me to share his own personal life-changing story and will teach us why it’s important to be a good teammate, and how to shift into the WE gear.

Here’s our key conversation points:

What is a TeamBuster:  1:30

Where the Journey Started: 3:41

The Art of Being a Good Teammate: 12:45

Helping Others Shift Gears: 14:35

Are you ready? I am! Tune in, turn it up, and let’s go!

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Thanks for joining me this!

I’ll see ya next week and remember:

Every level of life, is an opportunity to grow.

Be well my friend,